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Mallsoft and Calm at Kingshurst Parade

Mallsoft and Calm is a collaboration between Creative Health CIC and Justin Wiggan and funded through Arts Council England.  It is inspired by the phenomenon of Mallsoft, an emerging music genre created by an online community.

We are interested in how the Mallsoft artists are taking control of sound in their environments and so, through sound workshops we encouraged participants of the Mallsoft and Calm project to consider how different sounds make them feel.  Justin created a new sound piece which responded to workshop and online participants perceptions of calming sounds.  This was played through tannoy speakers in Kingshurst Parade on 18th December and had a positive response from passers by, many stopping to listen. Read more.

mallsoft and calmMallsoft & Calm: sashes






Mallsoft & Calm: music
Mallsoft & Calm: film





Mallsoft & Calm: Tannoy