In our 2017/18 smokefree arts programme pre-school children in Dudley worked with artists to make caterpillars and butterflies and create ‘good fresh air’  in  storytelling, singing and making activities.

Working with Creative Health (Arts and Health) CIC, the 2017/18 programme focused on spreading the smokefree message to three and four-year-olds, in maintained nursery and reception classes across the borough. The aim was to gently introduce them to the idea that smoking causes harm to everyone nearby, not just the smoker, and encourage them to start the conversation with parents and carers.

Children took part in a ‘circle-time’ activity with an arts worker, first of all watching and listening to
the story of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and needing ‘good, fresh air’.

Read all about what happened in the Blossoms 2017/18 Report.