Bloomin’ has Blossomed…

After the success of the Bloomin’ for a smokefree pregnancy initiative, Dudley Stop Smoking Service commissioned a programme entitled Blossom, aimed at families with very young children.

Bloomin’ successfully engaged health professionals in raising the profile of the importance of a smokefree pregnancy, leading to them calling for support in tackling smoking parents.

Creative Health spent time in hospitals with staff dealing with very poorly babies and young children, hearing that often the youngsters’ medical problems were clearly the result of second hand smoke. Staff said they would love an ‘icebreaker’ to start a conversation with parents about smoking around children.

Parents of young children involved in the scoping phase of Blossom said they needed clear messages about what exactly smoking did to their children, but presented in a way they could understand and keep around as a constant reminder.

Artist Richard Franks worked with parents and staff to design a beautiful room thermometer and height chart, bearing the smokefree messages, which will be given by hand from staff to parents as a conversation starter.

Artist(s):Richard Franks (Blue and White Creative), Twelve20. Artform:Graphic design

See the room thermometer and height chart made for Blossom.