Health & Wellbeing Public Art Commissions: Quarry Bank Primary School

The staff team at Quarry Bank Primary School worked with Creative Health CIC to commission two artists to produce public artworks with a health and wellbeing theme for their reception area and first floor. Quarry Bank Primary School moved into a new school building in 2011 and staff, pupils and parents are very proud of their new school and were involved in the planning and design process.

Involvement and collaboration with the pupils and staff in the creative processes has been a key element of these two very successful creative projects.

Richard Franks, Liam Smyth and Julia Rowley successfully engaged the Quarry Bank children in a wide range of creative ideas, skills and techniques through very different approaches. The artists have become valuable role models for the children and their experience of working them has had a significant impact on their wellbeing and future aspirations. The children have been inspired in ways that reach far beyond the parameters of the project and will stay with them for a long time to come. The school’s ethos is thoroughly embedded and reflected in both of the final art works. For the teachers involved, the process and final pieces have reinforced for them what the school stands for; whilst they have a brand new building and much has changed over recent years, their core values and what they stand for is the same.

To read the full story behind this project, download the Evaluation Report.

The commissions were funded through the Dudley Healthy Schools Public Health Programme and the Quarry Bank Educational Trust. The project was managed by Creative Health (Arts and Health) CIC. This project is part of a series of commissions being developed by Dudley Office of Public Health in partnership with Creative Health CIC.