Smokefree Cars: Meet Fresh, the Talking Dog

Meet Fresh, the talking dog.  He doesn’t like people smoking near him and doesn’t want to be a second-hand smoker.
Children work with Fresh to make their own talking dog.

Working with artist Jim Morris and his brilliant puppet making skills, we created Fresh, the talking dog, who empowered school children to be able to talk to their parents about second-hand smoke, and the dangers associated with smoking in cars. By making their own talking puppets, children were able to effectively communicate their thoughts and feelings about second-hand smoke.

Meet Fresh, the talking dog.

He doesn’t like people smoking near him, because he doesn’t want to be a second-hand smoker.
He’s asking all the children if they would like to make a talking dog like him, to tell the grown-ups about second-hand smoke and what it can do.

In just 10 school days, more than 500 children in Year 3 made their own talking dog with Fresh and his ‘assistant’ Jim…

And (when a sample group of 43 children were asked in an evaluation a month later) most of them felt confident enough to bring it to life, sharing the news about second-hand smoke with an adult.

“My dog Mindy told my Dad the news and I asked him to tell my Auntie Sheryl because I was worried about her smoking around me. They had a big talk and she doesn’t smoke around me now. In fact she’s nearly stopped smoking altogether, because I told her I love her too much.” Gethin, Year 3.

“I told my Mom’s boyfriend he should try and stop smoking around kids and he really is trying. I told him he could really hurt us and it made him sad.” Fern, Year 3.

“I have been teaching for nearly 20 years and this has been by far the best workshop I have seen. Thank you so much.” Mrs Jones, Year 3.