Straight Talking

This year’s Dudley Straight Talking tour got off to a great start, involving 570 children in just the first three days.

The workshop, tailor-made for Year 5, uses drama, film and creative writing to empower children to respectfully ask grown-ups not to smoke around them.

The tour, visiting 20 schools in total, is funded by Dudley Public Health.

Writing in the reflection time towards the end of the workshop, one 10 year-old wrote: “I’m disgusted and quite angry that people don’t care where they smoke. I’ve learned how poorly second hand smoke can make you, and I think smokers should be more respectful and only smoke outside – or better still stop altogether! I will never ever touch a cigarette.”

Joining Creative Health as co-facilitator for this tour is Rebecca Fuller, an Acting graduate from Dudley College. Rebecca’s TV credits include ‘Raised By Wolves’, and she regularly appears on stage as one of The Fizzogs.