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Creative writing and journaling were explored in the project Reflections, to produce the self-help collective journal Mapping My Journey. 

Exploring what we love about where we live and discovering the ‘extraordinary in the ordinary’ was the wholesome objective of A Sense of Place. 

Walk and Draw

Meeting in a beautiful park in central Dudley, the Walk and Draw group members have travelled far to find peace, relaxation and moments of creativity. 

CreateMoreSpace built on learning from previous projects Still Lively and CreateSpace, focusing on providing cultural services to combat loneliness as a result of COVID 19. 

Createspace was a high quality combined arts project supporting adults to find time to be creative in their everyday lives. 

A true testament to the value of Creative Health’s project Still Lively, is that it is…still lively! 

Co-production was key to putting together resources to support children and young people’s emotional wellbeing. 

A more sophisticated approach to tobacco control was taken by artists working with teenagers on both the Kick Ash programme, and then Take Back Control (from tobacco). 

Engaging with pregnant women who smoked was the initial challenge for Creative Health’s Smokefree Pregnancy contract.

Dragons, drama, puppets and play empowered thousands of primary school pupils to respectfully and eloquently request adults not to smoke around them.