CreateSpace offered me a chance to get back into the habit of socialising with people (something I had lost the knack of), and sharing people's backgrounds, cultures, ideas, enthusiasms, and perspectives through art. Workshops enabled me to concentrate solely on creating for a few hours without any distractions or interruptions; any personal problems faded into the background, which I call the wellbeing pay-off.” Graham, Birmingham

Createspace was a high quality combined arts project supporting adults to find time to be creative in their everyday lives.

Galleries, museums and libraries in Walsall, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Staffordshire hosted the programme, funded through Arts Council England.

Critically-regarded artists led sessions based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing, giving adults the time, space and inspiration to be creative.

Participants could sign up to be part of an online group when the CreateSpace sessions moved from face to face to virtual.

Activities ranged from looking at things from a new view, perceiving the tiniest detail, to creating stories inspired by dried teabags.

CreateSpace Film


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