Public Health – Smokefree Children - Straight Talking / There Be Dragons

Since I took my dragon home and told them the story, no-one has been allowed to smoke in the house again, because they did before. It’s a lot better now and not so smelly!” Sedgley Pupil

Dragons, drama, puppets and play empowered thousands of primary school pupils to respectfully and eloquently request adults not to smoke around them.

For several years, Creative Health toured hundreds of primary schools sharing the message that second-hand smoke is harmful to other people as well as the smoker. One tour alone reached 3817 children in 40 primary schools.

Children were educated with films and storytelling before making their own resources to take home and share with grown-ups.

The work was carefully evaluated after each tour and on average, two thirds of children who had a smoker around them successfully encouraged them to take their smoke outside, or stop smoking altogether, as a result of their workshop.