Walk and Draw

Welcome my brothers - I’m a founding member of Walk and Draw. We come here to meet others, appreciate our beautiful parks, to relax while we do new creative activity, improve our mental health and to support each other to understand that we are not alone, all is not lost. I urge you to grasp this opportunity and continue attending - you are most welcome.’ Abdul

Meeting in a beautiful park in central Dudley, the Walk and Draw group members have travelled far to find peace, relaxation and moments of creativity.

Commissioned by Dudley Council for Voluntary Service, Creative Health developed the project for migrants, refugees and those seeking asylum.

Over time and in response to the group’s needs and interests the project has grown to include planting, harvesting, sporting activities and trips to local attractions. Sharing and celebrating group members’ skills and experience has led to creative activities such as basket weaving using dried and processed nettle and rhubarb skin fibres.

A specific project for Ukrainian families now living in Dudley was also set up in 2022, called Meet and Make.

A small number of white British long-term residents who have been referred via social prescribers now also join the groups.

These social, predominantly outdoor-based sessions with a creative focus are suitable for all fitness levels and can provide the opportunity to take the first steps to becoming more physically active, not to mention active citizens of the local community where they now belong.

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Summer of Creativity: Walk and Draw Celebration

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