Still Lively

I was looking after Mom in the early stages of dementia, all my time was taken up with her. One day I stood in front of the mirror with my make up brush in hand and couldn’t do it anymore. I sat and watched the clouds for three days. After I went to the G.P. a counsellor said to me ‘What do you do for fun?’ It was a breakthrough moment - what do you do for you? It gave me permission to do something for me. I saw the leaflet (for the class). I needed a life outside of a big burden of responsibility. It made a big difference.” Participant, Still Lively

A true testament to the value of Creative Health’s project Still Lively, is that it is…still lively!

Years after funding from the Baring Foundation and Arts Council England ceased, it still runs as a core offer at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

Working in partnership with Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Choices Housing Association and Staffordshire Arts Services, it was initially a two-year programme of visual art activities, exhibitions and events created by and with older people.

Artists worked with eager groups at the Gallery and in residential settings across Staffordshire, each participant proudly wearing their Still Lively pin badge to show membership of the ‘art club’. Some hadn’t attempted to create any art since leaving school, others keen to learn new techniques and improve existing skills – all mesmerised by talented artists showing innovative ideas for mark making.

The Gallery became a place to celebrate, create and share their artwork, stories and ideas, inspiring those taking part as well as other visitors.

See the Still Lively website here.

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