A Sense Of Place

I never used to pay attention to nature before I joined this. Now, even when I'm taking a walk with my kids I’ll be looking, exploring flowers, things around. My daughter will be looking at trees saying: ‘Oh Mom, look at this one, we need to take a picture!’ It’s so nice to be more aware of our surroundings.”

Exploring what we love about where we live and discovering the ‘extraordinary in the ordinary’ was the wholesome objective of A Sense of Place.

Creative residencies, participatory workshops and events with local diverse communities also explored local arts and archive collections.

Programmes in galleries, museums, libraries and a hospital created groups including migrants, asylum seekers, local workers, families, pharmacy patients and people with disabilities.

Each explored what was going on ‘on their own doorstep’ and saw things for the first time that had been there all along, often in the most obvious places. Artists introduced creative ways to reinterpret those findings into their own works of art.

LGBTQ Sparkle at Walsall Arboretum

A Sense Of Place Documentary Film

A Sense Of Place Creative Film