The project helped me mature as a person, taught me more social skills. I felt more adult because you were talking to me like I was an adult. I feel more confident about the future, because I used to worry about the future, like if I was going to be a respectable adult.” Participant creator of wellbeing journal.

Creative writing and journaling were explored in the project Reflections, to produce the self-help collective journal Mapping My Journey.

The Integrated Plus team from Dudley Council for Voluntary Service commissioned Creative Health CIC to work with young people from Cranstoun’s Here4YOUth service.

Here4YOUth provides social prescribing, emotional health and wellbeing support, substance misuse treatment and open access to young people.

A volunteer artist supported professional artists in working with a group of young people to explore themes around emotional wellbeing and produce the journal to be rolled out as a resource.

See more information on the Dudley CVS site here.


View a PDF copy of the Reflections publication here.