Public Health – Emotional Wellbeing - Love Your Feelings - Dudley Take Five

The fact that they (the children) were listened to, and have learned to listen to each other, is truly remarkable.” Year 5 Teacher, Walsall.

Co-production was key to putting together resources to support children and young people’s emotional wellbeing.

Working with age groups from toddlers to teenagers, Creative Health artists devised months of workshops to explore issues affecting young people, and together come up with films and games to support emotional wellbeing.

Teachers and other professionals working with children played a big part too in guiding the practicality of resources, ensuring they were usable by all and didn’t gather dust on the shelf.

Underpinning both Dudley Take Five and Love Your Feelings was the Five Ways to Wellbeing concept – Connect, Take Notice, Give, Be Active and Keep Learning.

Children got involved in multiple art forms to really explore and understand these concepts, then reiterate them to other children in a language they would understand, either as a film or a table top game to play in the classroom.


'My Well Being/ Your Feelings'  project film

How to Play the 'Love Your Feelings' Game

Dudley Take Five